Looking for the Real Kokoda Experience?

Philip Arari and his team at Real Kokoda Expeditions are all experienced locals who’ll guide you along the amazing Kokoda Track and share information and stories with you that could only come from years of genuine local experience. Real Kokoda Expeditions offers flexible ‘customised’ package tours for individuals and groups.

The Kokoda Track is not only a beautiful, world class, jungle bushwalking experience; it is a trek into Australia’s wartime history. The Kokoda Track is as important a part of Australian history as Gallipoli. We believe it is a pilgrimage every Australian should experience in their lifetime.

People of all ages walk the Kokoda Track for a variety of reasons. Some are seeking an exhilarating physical and mental challenge, many, an understanding of the Kokoda campaign, others have had family who had fought and some had died in PNG during the war.

For many it is also an opportunity to achieve a goal, a personal challenge, a tick off ones list of challenges and achievements. Whatever the reason, trekking the Kokoda Track is a powerful experience awaiting anyone prepared to take it on. Team at Real Kokoda Expeditions will help you to create memories that will last a lifetime.